Thursday, 15 November 2012


I thought I moved blog, but then I managed to add linkwithin in this blog meanwhile I couldn`t do it to my other blog,.... bcoz of different platform. what to do?!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Moving blog

Hello everyone, I am moving blog to
bcoz, it is easier to handle one blog than two and the other thing is bcoz blogger bcomes difficult for me to understand, in other words it's not user friendly, well at least for me.
So I will stop updating here. but updating more there.
I hope to see you there though.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

2500km from Bologna to Tenerife

Can you see the shadow of La Gomera behind me?

Our second trip to Tenerife. This time we got here by car from Bologna straight to Cadiz Spain... and from there took the boat for 48hours on board. I can't say I like to be on the boat for more that 2 hours but we've done with that anyway.
The trip started in Bologna Italy. We drove along Genova-Ventimiglia-Nice-Cannes(France)-Barcelona... along the way to the south of Spain. We studied google map first before we departed. We took motorway (payment) because we couldn't afford to get lost. Franckly we spent 3 nights on the road. I don't want to get to the details for this part. It was wonderful though... I've never seen the night- sky full of stars like I've seen in the south of Spain. The temperature was quite chilly in the night but the sky was clear noticed the sky above you crowded with stars!. I must admitt.. south of Spain is wonderful. Along the road I saw the palm trees.. houses and small building with Arabic influenced and some road signs written in Arabic. I regreted I didn't take any picture when we were on the road. I was exhausted I guess. When we arrived in Cadiz the following morning.. It was just on time. We couldn't find the sea port at first. We went around this Cadiz town which is actually pretty nice place. I stayed in the car though. Couldn't be bothered to do the sight seeing since I just wanted to arrive at the port. After two times drove around the town.. we decided to ask someone. Why not asked someone before you get lost? Lesson learned!. Apparantely bcoz of the port is in the middle of the city and instead of paying attention to the signs..I'd rather look for open coffee shop. In the end we arrived at the port.. did the check in.. realized we arrive two hours early.. so we went into the city center. Bought a bottle of local wine (delicious!)... some snacks and return to the port. We departed in the afternoon after all cars and caravans parked safely inside the boat.
Me with a new hairsyle (shorter and messy ;p)

Some things I noted are : The Italian motorway was expensive (obviously not for some people).. The fuel/Benzina was nearly 2 euros/litre - we all know that. The French motorway was expensive and real coffee was hard to obtained (unless if you don't mind with instant coffee from the machine vendor for 2 euros). The Spanish motorway was ok (cost and coffee was good).
On board they served you with 3 times meals (bfast/lunch/dinner) and they were very much acceptable. My husband complained though.. he's Italian after all ;p. Before arrive in Tenerife.. the boat stoped by in Lanzarote and Las Palmas (correct me if I'm wrong)... then Tenerife was last. We arrived in Santa Cruz de Tenerife... It's the main city. We didn't bother to stop by or look around but drove straight to Las Americas (where the tourist are). It was about 96km. The whole island is not that big.. you can walk it (if you out of your mind!).
We had our rental appartement in Playa Americas for a few days. After that here I am (present tense) still looking for a suitable place to sleep and to sew.
Don't hesitate to poke me if you happen to visit Tenerife ;p

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Istri Teladan website

These last few weeks, I've been busy imagining things, about my dresses, the need to do some packing, the departure, and about my new website, which I created for me and my girlfriends, so that we can keep sharing files and keep inspiring each others. Here's the website Now we have a FREE GIVEAWAY as a gift to everyone who leave a comment there. While the picture above is taken in Salaborsa Library in Bologna Center. I admitt I like Library for some reasons, apart from they have many English books, which I can read or borrow. There in Salaborsa you can find a cosy bar to relax and have a sip of coffee, they have free wifi connections sometimes (most of the time no signal), basically it is an easy meeting point if you happen to be in Bologna Center. It was early march, the weather was warm sometimes chilly, I had the courage to only wear jeans jacket. I wore my favourite trekking boots, very comfortable to walk. I had batik green vest underneath, and my hair was just washed. My tote bag is newly made, I have the story HERE Now I am really going to pack my stuff because we already have the boat booked... Gosh!

Friday, 3 February 2012

CheongSam dress wanabe

The only 2 meters fabric I manage to grab in Ldn, I was anxious and a bit confused, now I clearly regreted!. So anyway, I will use this fabric to make my first CheongSam dress (I'm not sure if I call it right), the dress is in progress but seems like my spirit is drop bcoz of the heavy snow outside.
I'll post the picture as soon as the sun is come.
Just updated, here are the pictures of the dress.
The slit is on the side of the dress, practically is on the side seam. This material is 100% polyester which is very hard to work with. Next time I'll use cotton instead and put the slit in the front panel for sexier look.
I made the frog button myself. This is the very first time I struggle with the cord. It wasn't that easy, but practice surely makes perfect. The cord cost a lot here, irritate me. When you choose for the cord, I think try to choose the rigid one, easier to work with.

Money belt 2012

R.O new project to launch. Not yet though, my sewing machines are already in the box.
This one I made as a gift, special for my girlfriend.

Biker Jacket (When East meets West)

When I was in Tenerife with the warm and pleasant weather, I noticed that I need a trendy jacket to complete my look, aswell to keep my shoulder warm when the temperature drop in the afternoon.
So I made this cropped biker jeans jacket with the touch of Indonesian batik on the collar and sleeves. I must admit it was quite complicated project, but I learned some tricks along the way and I might want to make another one in different colour.

First visit : Tenerife Spain

Hello everyone, or I supposed to say HOLAAAAA... yes..yes... I just returned from Tenerife Spain, I am now in Bologna with winter,cold and snow. But I'm happy to re-united with my sewing machine at last.
We went to Tenerife on Dec 2011. To taste the weather, sight seeing, stuff like that. We flew from London direct to Tenerife South. You can get direct flight aswell from Bologna though. That time we had things to do in London (such buy (only) 2 meters fabrics for me), so we may aswell took the flight from there. The flight took 4 hours from Ldn and 5 hours from Bo.
The first impression I get from the area where we stayed (Playa de Las Americas---where the tourists are) is reminded me of Pataya in Thailand. I really felt as if I was in Asia. But that was me, bcoz my husband has different opinion, beside he visit Tenerife before. Anyway, the point is I like Tenerife. Holiday atmosphere all the time day and night.
I met with Indonesian girlfriends there. I poked them through facebook then we meet up in McDonalds for a coffee. They are VERY VERY friendly. I'm so lucky.
During the day, we went down to the beach (5 minutes walks), or visiing other town by foot, sometimes by bus. We had sandwich for lunch (homemade sandwich from home) and stop for coffee someplace. In the night, we stayed and dine at home most of the time. In the night the temperature drop, can be quite cold.
Many English around our area. So we speak English most of the time, my husband taught me some Spanish words to ease my way, such how to say the numbers, how much things, where ia the toilet, directions and stuff. I noticed that Spanish aren't much different from Italian. Good for me.
We will return there at the end of Feb this year,2012. We'll bring our car, drive it through south of Spain and take the two days boat from Cadiz to Tenerife. I never done this before, i hope I won't get the sea sick too much. I'll bring all my sewing gears. Will be wonderful and lift up my spirit everytime I think about Tenerife.
Here are some pictures I took,... some silly ;)..enjoy!
Most of apartments are facilitate with swimming pool in Tenerife
I didn't drink beer before I arrive in Tenerife. It's refreshing!
Most women wears "casaca", you'll never get enough of it.
I made the dress, you may find something similar in my shop.
Notice my LouisVuitton plastic handbag. I dare you to wear it.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Random Event in 2011

I must have been bored these days. As you know... I don't have my sewing machines handy. When I wake up in the morning... I go straight on line to check my facebook and stay there until my back hurt bcoz I'm sitting on the stool. Like they say... I like fb bcoz all my friends are there. I can't wait to leave the country by the end of this November. Bcoz right now I'm dying to want to sew. I have already some project in my head. Alright then... stop complaining! I complain a lot since I live in Italy...LOL.

Second Picture is taken around September 2011.
We.. Indonesian gathered for Idul Fitri... where everyone's wore "kebaya".
I travelled 2.5 hours in the car to reach the party where it was held in Montebelluno - Treviso.
3rd picture is taken on early October 2011.
It was my girlfriend wedding day which held in Marzabotto.
I didn't sew her wedd-dress... (I wish I had)... but I sew my own dress on the far left.
4th picture is taken in somehere around San Dona di Piave.. (I think?!)
I forgot when... but still in 2011.
The dress I wore was inspired by Japanese kimono which I like so much.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Clearance the house

Today, from morning..(not that morning actually),, alright.. from it was still daylight until dark, me and my husband we tide up some stuff in the house. This won't be the last I think... It wasn't the first though. This means we organize our stuff, clothes... everything basically. Which are stay and which aren't. I found many old stuff, bring back old memory.... but I don't miss them until I found them again. But I don't care. We are leaving..right!? For now we have to leave everything behind in my parents in law house. Because the house we are live in at the moment is for sale. We have to empty the house so that it's easy for people to view it.
I already save all my sewing stuff hidden somewhere. I piled up my fabrics inside the wardrobe. I hide one of my sewing machine in the corner. The serger and the others two will be inside the wardrobe. Notice that I have 4 machines.. (at the moment ;p).. I want some more though.. ;)
One day I'll pick them up. I don't know how... ** imagine if we decide to live in Canary then how am I going to pick them up?**
My husband said, he'll buy me another machine if I have an urge to sew at any cost in case...LOL... let's see ya.. we don't know what tomorrow's hold.
Good night everyone.....**hoammmm