Friday, 3 February 2012

CheongSam dress wanabe

The only 2 meters fabric I manage to grab in Ldn, I was anxious and a bit confused, now I clearly regreted!. So anyway, I will use this fabric to make my first CheongSam dress (I'm not sure if I call it right), the dress is in progress but seems like my spirit is drop bcoz of the heavy snow outside.
I'll post the picture as soon as the sun is come.
Just updated, here are the pictures of the dress.
The slit is on the side of the dress, practically is on the side seam. This material is 100% polyester which is very hard to work with. Next time I'll use cotton instead and put the slit in the front panel for sexier look.
I made the frog button myself. This is the very first time I struggle with the cord. It wasn't that easy, but practice surely makes perfect. The cord cost a lot here, irritate me. When you choose for the cord, I think try to choose the rigid one, easier to work with.

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  1. Oh! Really awesome, Lovely outfits yaar. Very Nice cheongsam collections.

    Chinese culture lovers